Proactive Crisis Response Planning: Why it Matters During a Natural Disaster

risk towards south

Nepal is situated between India and China, two of the world’s fastest growing economies. The destination is also a hotspot for non-profit workers and continues to be a mecca for adventure-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. When the devastating earthquake struck on April 25th, followed by another quake on May 12th, the disaster killed more than 8,000…

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Would you cancel your trip to South Korea amidst the MERS outbreak? Survey says…


The results are in from our latest MERS travel survey and turns out, we’re a pretty cautious bunch. More than 70% of Americans say they would cancel a trip to South Korea due to the current MERS outbreak. This is despite international health authorities, such as the CDC and the WHO, reassuring the public that…

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Travel Trend Report: The Rise of the “Bleisure” Traveler


What do you get when you mix business and leisure travel? The growing trend of bleisure travel (aka, bizcations) isn’t just taking time out from a business trip to relax; but rather, it’s the act of rolling business trips and vacations into one. For example, a savvy bleisure traveler with an upcoming trip to Paris…

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Travel Health Update: MERS Outbreak in South Korea


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), a viral respiratory illness first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012, has recently made its way back into news due to the recent outbreak in South Korea. This is the largest outbreak of the disease outside Saudi Arabia. The first case was reported on May 20, 2015 after a business…

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How to Plan a Business Trip…With Your Kids

I’ll always help you

As business and personal life become more blended for the modern worker, taking family on a “bleisure” trip is becoming more popular for working parents. As we head into summer, this can be a great way to spend time with the kids and explore new destinations with them – as long as you can also…

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Holidays Around the World Part 5: Spain


We’ve taken you around the world to places like China and Brazil as well as Russia and Japan to educate you on some of the holidays celebrated in these regions. Our latest post in this series focused on Germany and Australia. Now let’s travel to Spain so you can prepare yourself for wherever your business…

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Private Accommodations Rentals: 5 Tips for a Safe (and Legal) Stay


A popular trend in the business travel world, sites like Airbnb allow people to rent rooms in someone’s home, cottage or apartment for low nightly rates. Budget-conscious companies are embracing these services, and their travelers who prefer the comforts of home (and the ability to live like a local!) aren’t complaining. However, if your company…

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On Call in Action: DVT on Long-Haul Flight…

woman with leg pain

Whether you’re traveling for business, school, or pleasure, it’s safe to say that things don’t always go as planned. (Good thing you always remember to pack your On Call card!) But here’s the thing: unless you’ve actually experienced a travel emergency (a broken leg, lost prescription, stolen passport, or even a legal mix-up), it’s hard to imagine how travel assistance…

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Business Etiquette Around the World: Japan

Yokohama Japan

With business travel expected to grow more than 3% in the next year, you may find yourself traveling more frequently. As the market continues to improve, don’t be surprised if your next trip is to Japan. The country is home to the third-largest economy and has seen steady growth since the end of the recession….

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Summer Driving: 6 Tips for a Safer Road Trip


Did you know that summer—not winter as you might expect—is the most dangerous driving season?  During the summer months, particularly on long weekends like Memorial Day, there is an increase in the number of vehicles on the nation’s roadways; and, according to the Department of Transportation, the summer actually accounts for an 18% increase in fatal…

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