Traveler Tracking and Expert Security Evacuations

Traveler Tracking and Situational Awareness

Equip your organization with the resources and technology it needs to help protect travelers and meet its duty of care with Searchlight — On Call's powerful travel tracking platform and online resource center.

With Searchlight, administrators also receive access to our 24/7 Global Response Center and can connect with a Global Security Specialist (GSS) for emergency advice and support.

Assistance and Evacuations

On Call provides security assistance and evacuations during political and natural disasters as well as any other security-related incidents. Our philosophy is to proactively work with clients before emergencies occur to identify their unique risks and thresholds, which enables organizations to develop the appropriate protocols and allocate resources pertinent to their operations. However, even during the most precarious and unexpected incidents, On Call offers clients close protection, evacuations by land, air, or sea, and emergency extraction via armored vehicles.

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