Protect Your Students, Protect Your Institution

Students, faculty and staff face some unique challenges when they travel abroad. Medical emergencies, terrorism, natural disasters, culture shock …these risks are real. As emerging study abroad locations increase in popularity, poor infrastructure and access to quality medical care can cause even a minor issue to become more serious. In addition to protecting student health and safety, duty of care responsibilities and reputational concerns leave higher education administrators with a lot on their plates.

The question becomes: how can you effectively assess risks and educate your travelers—while still doing your day job and actually manage emergencies as they happen? Luckily with On Call by your side, the answer is simple. For over 25 years, On Call has helped institutions of  higher education take a proactive and holistic approach to not only managing travel emergencies when they arise—but planning for and even preventing them before they happen.

Global Emergency Assistance:  In addition to medical and security evacuation services, we handle travel issues big and small—from locating quality medical care, replacing prescriptions and even providing legal assistance.
Proactive Education Services: From identifying risks, monitoring threats, testing crisis response protocols, and even pre-trip traveler education—our goal is to equip your institution with the resources and support they need to have safe and healthy experiences abroad. 

Flexible Travel Risk Management Program Options: With years of experience serving colleges and universities, we understand your needs are different than those of a corporation’s. We can scale your travel risk management program up or down based on your institution’s size, budget, and unique duty of care initiatives.


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