Travel Risk Management for NGO/Non-Profit

Protect the health, safety and wellbeing of your missionaries, staff, and volunteers abroad, whether they’re traveling for business, aid work, or delivering long-term projects. Here at On Call, we understand the unique challenges NGOs/Non-Profits face when operating in diverse and often challenging environments around the world.

From terrorism and political unrest to the increasing frequency of natural disasters, your workers face unique risks – often times, even more risk than the traditional traveler. That’s why you need a travel risk management partner you can trust to help meet duty of care responsibilities and provide emergency traveler support to your workers anywhere in the world.

Why Should Your NGO/Non Profit Choose On Call?

  • Customized Risk Exposure Analysis

    Our medical and security experts will conduct thorough, tailored assessments to gauge your organization's risk exposure in any location—and also recommend ways to mitigate them. Additionally, we’ll help understand your Organization's unique risk parameters, and help guide you toward travel decisions that are aligned with those parameters.
  • Proactive Training & Education

    We believe in empowering NGO/Non-Profit leaders and their travelers with the knowledge and skills to manage risks effectively, regardless of their location. Our proactive educational opportunities cover a wide range of topics, from crisis response exercises to pre-departure health, safety, and security trainings. 
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Assistance

    With our global footprint and vast network of partners, we deliver timely emergency support to your travelers anywhere in the world—24/7/365. From medical and security evacuations, referrals to trusted healthcare providers, and even help getting prescriptions filled, our team of compassionate agents are here to help ensure your travelers are never alone in times of crisis.  

By partnering with On Call, you can focus on your mission—with the peace of mind that your travelers’ safety is in capable, caring hands.

Contact us today to learn more about On Call’s fully customizable travel risk management & emergency assistance solutions for NGO and Non-Profit Organizations.

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