Medical, Security & Travel Assistance Services

In the event of a travel emergency, receiving timely, capable, and reliable assistance can make all the difference. On Call’s dedicated and caring travel emergency assistance team is available 24/7/365, to provide immediate guidance and support to your travelers in need.

From medical emergencies and natural disasters to political unrest or even a missing passport, On Call can help your travelers handle a wide range of incidents - when and where they need it most.

A supportive and compassionate experience for you, your travelers, and your organization - every day:

  • Medical Assistance Services

    • Medical Monitoring
    • Medical Evacuation
    • Medical Repatriation
    • Repatriation of Remains
    • Emergency Travel Arrangements
    • Payment Guarantees
    • Coordination of Benefits
    • Telehealth Appointments
    • Medical, Mental Health, Dental & Pharmacy Referrals
    • Nurse Helpline
    • Prescription Assistance
  • Security Assistance Services

    • Incident Briefing
    • Situational Monitoring & Advice
    • Political Evacuation
    • Natural Disaster Evacuation
    • [Following an Evacuation] Onward Travel Arrangements
    • Kidnap and Ransom, Threat, and Extortion Response (available through Unity On Call)


  • Optional Assistance Enhancements

    • Mental Health Tele-Counseling Services
    • Flexible Indemnification Options including International Medical Expense Policy
  • Travel Assistance Services

    • Emergency Travel Arrangements
    • Translator and Interpreter Referral
    • Emergency Travel Funds Assistance
    • Legal Consultation and Referral
    • Lost/Stolen Travel Documents Assistance
    • Lost Luggage Assistance

Global Reach, Local Solutions

On Call’s travel emergency assistance capabilities extend far beyond our U.S. headquarters and global offices in the U.K., Asia, and Australia. Through our expansive global network and partnerships, our assistance capabilities extend to 180+ countries.

Through close collaboration with like-minded partners, all assistance cases are directly managed through On Call’s centralized teams of medical, security, and transport professionals. This not only ensures consistency with cases, but also makes it easier for us to customize case management processes, procedures, and protocols to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Contact us today to learn more about On Call’s fully-customizable Global Emergency Assistance solutions.

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